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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items

We offer high quality liquid and oil coolers for all types of rail vehicles. The coolers presented by us work effectively and reliably in all conditions. In our offer you can find both new and remanufactured coolers for rolling stock. We also manufacture new coolers, so we can tailor the offer to the needs of each client.

We make sure that our assortment includes only liquid and oil coolers that meet the highest requirements and are also checked from every angle. That is why we offer coolers with a solid construction, strong, efficient and resistant to a number of factors such as corrosion or thermal stress. Thanks to the coolers we sell, you can create an efficient cooling system that discharges the right amount of thermal energy from the electric systems of rail vehicles or from diesel locomotive engines.

Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, also in the field of rail vehicle cooling, we can choose the right solution for each rail vehicle, taking into account each important element and adjusting the radiator for maximum efficiency. In addition, we are constantly expanding our knowledge in the field of optimal ways of heat dissipation, which is why we always provide professional advice when making purchases.

Buying radiators for rail vehicles from us, both new and remanufactured, customers always receive a guarantee for the products they sell, and can also count on professional advice and other comprehensive services.