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On the initiative of the jury operating at the RAI Amsterdam fair, a leader in the cooling system regeneration industry was honored for its commitment to foreign expansion. The UNIQPOL World Class Offer was received on behalf of the company by Marek Szapiński, the owner of the Vancooler company.

"Thank you for the award, for the distinction that will undoubtedly give us an additional reason for the development and promotion of the brand outside the country, and taking advantage of the opportunity, thank all employees and associates for the commitment to improve our proposals" - said Marek Szapiński.

The award ceremony took place during a conference in the Beskid Żywiecki

"The statuette is a symbol of appreciating the efforts of your company in the field of promotion distinguished by high quality of export products," said Ryszard Kostuch, president of the Council RAI Amsterdam.