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  1. What is regeneration and what is it all about?

    Regeneration is a process of restoring full operational characteristics of worn or damaged radiators, coolers and recirculation systems. It may feature a complex treatment, during which the parts are restored with their original shape, dimensions, parameters ad characteristics necessary for further operation. Basically, it is all about replacing parts with new ones. In the case of radiators and coolers this means replacement of cores, and in the case of exhaust gas recirculation systems it means replacement of shell and tube heat exchanger, together with gaskets, O-rings, valves and bolts.
  2. What is the difference between regeneration and repair?

    Regeneration permanently restores operational characteristics of parts; on the other hand, repair is a temporary and instantaneous rescue solution. Most often, this involves adhesive bonding, plugging of the damaged components of coolers or radiator, or recirculation systems, thus reducing their technical characteristics.
  3. What is the operational life of regenerated products?

    Due to employment of exactly the same subassemblies as in the case of OEM products, or — in some cases — subassemblies or materials of better quality, the life of liquid coolers, intercoolers and exhaust gas recirculation systems is exactly the same, as in the case of OEM products.
  4. What is the product warranty we provide?

    All our products are provided with 12-month warranty.
  5. What are the turn-around times and is there a possibility of on-site replacement?

    Most of the products we feature in stock, are ready off-the-shelf and if requested by the client, we may conduct on-the-spot regeneration of a delivered component.
  6. Should the old part be returned to you?

    The old parts decreases the cost of purchasing a new regenerated subassembly. Clients pay solely for new components and the time needed for regeneration, and this lets us maintain continuity of production.
  7. Does your offer feature new products?

    Vancooler company’s offer features also new liquid coolers, intercoolers, gas exhaust recirculation systems, air conditioning systems, as well as viscous fans.
  8. Is it possible for you to make a customised cooler or radiator design?

    On client’s special request and on the basis of technical drawing or an old cooler/radiator we may manufacture a new one, of the same dimensions and operational characteristics. Our engineers will design a suitable solution.