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Showing 1 - 12 of 185 items

Vancooler as a specialist in thermal systems for various types of vehicles offers a wide spectrum of air and oil coolers. Among the many products you can find among others bus coolers, truck coolers as well as coolers for industrial, construction and agricultural machines. The offer also includes rail coolers. If you are looking for products such as air cooler, liquid cooler or oil coolers from reliable manufacturers, you will find them in the wide range of our store. We provide a wide range of new and regenerated coolers.

Like all radiator manufacturers, we always provide a 12-month warranty for our products, also when the purchase concerns remanufactured coolers. Thanks to this, customers can be sure that they get proven products that will not let them down. We ensure that only the highest quality products can be found in our offer, because we complete the range of the store very carefully. We also always provide professional advice, so you can easily find the right radiator for any vehicle or machine that interests us. Because coolers - regeneration is our flagship service, in which we specialize for many years, we can guarantee to everyone that remanufactured coolers do not differ in efficiency from new coolers. We often use a core with better cooling parameters than the original core during regeneration. It is extremely important with this type of equipment, because the performance of the entire machine or vehicle depends on it. Therefore, buying both a new and a regenerated radiator is a good choice and you should not be afraid of the risk that the regenerated radiator will perform worse than the original one.

Included with each radiator are all the elements necessary for its proper installation. We also focus on products that are perfectly finished, which ensures their trouble-free and quick assembly. In case of problems, our technical department is able to help solve the problems encountered.