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Regenerated exhaust gas recirculation/EGR module for MAN D20


The offer includes regenerated exhaust gas recirculation, AGR / EGR module for a brand truck MAN D20 along with new valves

Regeneration based on proven solutions, top-quality OEM components and qualified employees.

The product checked by leak test,

We offer 12 months warranty for the product

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Regenerated exhaust gas recirculation, EGR / AGR module for a truck of MAN D20

Regeneration based on proven solutions, top-quality OEM components and qualified employees

Regeneration itself is a process involving the restoration of 100% of the functional properties of used or damaged recirkulator. It can have the character of complex machining, as a result of which the required shape, dimensions, parameters and properties necessary for further work are restored to parts.

As a rule, it involves replacing the elements with new ones. In the case of exhaust gas recirculation, it involves replacing the shell and tube cooler together with gaskets, O-rings, screws and valves.

The recirculator is subjected to leak tests several times, also using an innovative method called "dry"

An additional advantage of purchasing a regenerated recirculator is the option of returning the old part, which allows you to reduce your purchase costs.

We give 12 months warranty for the product

OE numbers

51081007063/ 51081007048/ 51081007060

Data sheet

Nr OE51081007063 / 51081007048
We're selling this product with deposit for back an old coreyes
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