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Regenerated radiator to FUSCH 350, engine DEUTZ


Truck radiator on offer  for FUSCH 350, engine DEUTZ

Regeneration involves replacing the core with a completely new one

Regeneration made on the basis of proven solutions, the highest quality components and qualified employees.

The product checked the pad for leakage, 12 months warranty

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Regenerated radiator up to FUSCH 350, engine DEUTZ.

Regeneration is a process that restores 100% efficiency of the radiator

The radiator  has a new core, with a completely new one, with parameters consistent with the requirements, and the finished cooler is checked for leaks.

We check all our radiator for leakage tests so that the product offered for you meets high quality expectations

We give 12 months warranty for the product

If you do not have the cooler you are looking for - please contact us at +48 606123736

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