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The competition has a supra-regional character, has been continuously popular with entrepreneurs since 2009, and thanks to the interest of the media, receiving the award focuses the attention of the public on the company and its

The Chapter of the Lubuski Business Leader announced the results of the 10th edition of the competition. The gala ceremony took place at the Kepler Science Center in Zielona Góra.

The purpose of the competition organized by the West Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Gazeta Lubuska is to select and award the best companies. - We want to thank the Lubuskie entrepreneurs in this way for their efforts. They are the drivers of the economy, they pay taxes, they provide employment - emphasizes Jerzy Korolewicz, president of ZIPH and chairman of the chapter.

The jury awarded prizes in four categories: micro, small, medium and large enterprises. The winners of the first three places were awarded statuettes. The other participants received certificates. - The level was even, especially when it comes to the group of the best companies. This meant that we had to award ex aequo awards in each category - says J. Korolewicz. All candidates for the award have undergone thorough verification. The chapter took into account every aspect of the company's activity. She assessed not only the financial condition of the company, but also the working conditions, the level of remuneration, timely payment of obligations, innovation, care for the environment, social activities. Only those participants who received high scores went to the second stage.

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