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Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe VANCOOLER Marek Szapiński realizes a project co-financed as part of the Operation Programme Innovative Economy for 2007-2013 

Priority Axis 8: 
Information society – increasing innovation in the economy.
Action 8.2: 
Support for the implementation of B2B type e-business 
Project title: 
Implementing an innovative system to streamline the operation of business processes between Vancooler and its business partners. 
 Agreement number: 
Project value: 
PLN 60 600,00
 Co-financing value: 
PLN 42 420,00
Project implementation dates: 
01.07.2014 r. – 28.02.2015 r.
Project description: 
The purpose of the project is to develop and implement at VANCOOLER an IT system that allows more effective cooperation with business partners. 

The implemented B2B system will ensure automated data exchange and coordinate actions undertaken by partner companies, considerably streamlining VANCOOLER operations in other areas of business activity as a side effect. 

he B2B system will be developed on the basis of software provided by a leading manufacturer of enterprise management systems, with the end result being an operational B2B platform supporting the XML standard as part of a consistent ERP package.

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